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5 Ways Bloggers Can Beat The Summer Slump

May 23, 2016 2 194

It’s that time of year again bloggers. The weather is warming up and people are closing their laptops, heading outside to soak it all up, go on vacation, throw summer parties and replace their ovens with a BBQ. And we all know what that means… It’s summer slump time in the blogging world. Deep breaths…

Guest Post: 6 Pinterest Changes (and What Bloggers Can Do About It)

March 30, 2016 18 752

  We are excited to bring you a guest post by our friend Susan Wenner Jackson.  She’s the VP of content partnerships at Ahalogy, co-founder of the Working Moms Against Guilt blog. Learn more about Ahalogy’s free Pinterest tools and sponsored content opportunities for bloggers. What’s up with Pinterest lately? Bloggers are buzzing with this…

If you're CPM"s are down in the first quarter.

First Quarter: Light at the End of the Tunnel!

January 20, 2016 0 780

  Bloggers everywhere dread January. And it’s not because of the Christmas blues or because its freezing outside (though those things don’t help matters). No, it is because we have now ventured into the dreaded 1st quarter. Dun..dun.. dun. All publishers are seeing a huge decrease in earnings and in many cases the dip is…

BLogger Centric Valentines

Valentine’s Day Gets a Makover #Bloglove

February 14, 2015 0 29

Here at The Blogger Network you may have noticed that we love blogs. We want to show that love in the work we do and now that it’s Valentine’s Day we wanted to start a new tradition: #bloglove. This is the day to profess your love for a blog. This week, tell them how much…

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