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8 Instagram Changes (And The Opportunities They Bring)

April 7, 2016 2 750

By now, you probably know that changes are coming to Instagram. Last month Instagram made the announcement that they would be implementing algorithms. Posts will no longer show up strictly based on chronological order. This has caused quite the commotion among small businesses (and bloggers, since most of us identify as small business owners!). We…

izea tips for bloggers

Katie Reed of AMotherThing: How I Make $3,000 A Month With IZEA

April 14, 2015 5 18

Katie is an IZEA pro who makes $3,000 a month with their sponsored post opportunities. We reached out to her to ask how she does it. Read on for her excellent tips! What Is IZEA? IZEA is a sponsorship marketplace. You can sign up and create your profile, linking to all of your blogs and…

Best Blogs of 2014

65+ Bloggers Share their Top Post of 2014

January 9, 2015 0 24

We asked bloggers in our network to share their top post of 2014 and they responded! If you need blogging inspiration or ideas, take it from the very best. We hope you enjoy the best 2014 had to offer! It’s surprising how often a blogger said that their top recipe of the year was a…

Announcing our Partnership with Mom It Forward!

December 16, 2014 0 19

This morning we’re announcing our strategic partnership with Mom It Forward Media which is the next step in our goal to provide Bloggers as many revenue opportunities as possible! Brands have been asking us for blogger outreach campaigns and now we’ll be able to fully offer them through this amazing partner! Mom It Forward Media…

StumbleUpon Announces New Program for Bloggers

December 4, 2014 0 15

We’ve been talking with StumbleUpon about their new program for bloggers: #StumbleBloggers. They want to showcase the incredible content that bloggers create and bring you new traffic. Recent algorithm changes from Facebook and Pinterest have cut traffic for some blogs. At The Blogger Network we really believe in diversifying your social traffic. StumbleUpon is a great way…

Getting Your Blog Ready For The Holidays

September 19, 2014 1 14

We’re going into the holiday season and for bloggers that means opportunity. The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year because it’s when you get the most traffic, it’s when ad providers spend the majority of their budgets for the best ads. It really is the most wonderful time of the year and…

Tips On Scheduling Social Media

September 1, 2014 0 20

Running a blog without having the ability to schedule posts, tweets, and pins would make managing social media an absolute 24-hour job. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Social media schedulers are a heavenly gift to man and woman alike. We can, with confidence, bet almost all of our bloggers use social media schedulers to…

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