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7 Crucial Steps to Creating Your First Ebook

May 5, 2016 2 346

  One thing that we have learned over the years is that ebooks can be incredibly powerful tools in growing blogs, they can help secure loyal followers, increase your exposure, establish credibility/expertise within your niche market, and add a new revenue stream. Last year, we interviewed Dawn Warnaar about her successful ebook filled which featured…

Online Ads – 13 Things Publishers Need to Know

April 1, 2016 0 834

    In the online space, we’re interacting with ads every day. Whether we’re dealing with ads on our own site or on sites we’re visiting, online ads are everywhere. And as bloggers, we have a different perspective because online ads are part of our business model. Ad revenue is part of your income. That’s…

If you're CPM"s are down in the first quarter.

First Quarter: Light at the End of the Tunnel!

January 20, 2016 0 780

  Bloggers everywhere dread January. And it’s not because of the Christmas blues or because its freezing outside (though those things don’t help matters). No, it is because we have now ventured into the dreaded 1st quarter. Dun..dun.. dun. All publishers are seeing a huge decrease in earnings and in many cases the dip is…

How Apple’s Ad Blocker Controversy Affects Bloggers

September 24, 2015 0 66

On September 16, 2015, Apple released mobile iOS 9 and on September 30th Apple will release the desktop OS X El Capitan. As part of these releases, Safari will have the ability to install ad blocking apps that prevent ads from showing. As a result, bloggers, especially those with a lot of traffic from Safari,…

surprised blogger

5 Reasons Working with an Agency is Good for Bloggers and Brands

August 5, 2015 11 30

The Survey that Shocked Us. According to a survey from GroupHigh, more than 68% of influential bloggers say they want to work directly with brands instead of agencies and networks. GroupHigh asked for feedback from 4,000 of the top bloggers in their network. These are the bloggers who consistently get approached by brands to work…

Do You Think Video Ads On Your Blog Are Annoying? Here’s What you Need to Know

July 29, 2015 0 29

One of the #1 requests from our ad operations team at The Blogger Network (TBN) is to block auto-play video ads. Like spam or malware, it’s a challenge to get rid of and no one can completely. Keeping these ads off our network is a constant battle. Read on to learn how video ads work, learn how…

Why blog ads are not a silly monetization strategy

Why Blog Ads Are NOT a Silly Monetization Strategy

July 7, 2015 0 38

There’s been a lot of talk about how putting ads on your blog detracts from the aesthetics. Purists have said that you should have ads for your own products and phase out ads or ad networks altogether. Yet another viral post talks about how putting blog ads is a silly monetization strategy. The popular bloggers who…

Ad Network Solution for Bloggers of All Sizes

Announcing Propel: Investing in Bloggers With Less Than 80,000 Pageviews

July 2, 2015 6 18

Today Is a Huge Day for Us! When we founded The Blogger Network, we set out to change the way the industry treats bloggers.  The whole industry chases the top 1% of publishers. The rest are left to fight for table scraps from a smattering of self-serve, partial solutions that offer zero transparency, zero support,…

ad performance

How Ad Performance is Like Dating

April 24, 2015 0 49

How long does it take to get the best ad performance after joining The Blogger Network? Kevin Hill, CTO at The Blogger Network wrote this helpful post that explains how it’s a relationship. He compares it to dating. Larger sites will get there faster, smaller sites may take more time.  As a company that is fanatical about…

4 Steps to Finding and Removing Malware

4 Steps to Finding and Removing Malware on your Blog

April 23, 2015 0 13

Do you have malware on your blog? Kevin Hill, CTO at The Blogger Network wrote this helpful post in response to malware, viruses and spammy ads that bloggers have on their blog. If you want examples check out this post about a common type of malware we’ve seen on blogs. Fighting Malware, Viruses and Pop-ups A common issue…


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