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izea tips for bloggers

Katie Reed of AMotherThing: How I Make $3,000 A Month With IZEA

April 14, 2015 5 18

Katie is an IZEA pro who makes $3,000 a month with their sponsored post opportunities. We reached out to her to ask how she does it. Read on for her excellent tips! What Is IZEA? IZEA is a sponsorship marketplace. You can sign up and create your profile, linking to all of your blogs and…

LDS Smile blog owner John and Kara Huntinghouse blog full time

How a Cardiovascular Genetic Researcher Quit His Job to Blog Full Time

April 6, 2015 1 15

We’re introducing a new series on our blog about how blogging has changed your life. I knew we had a story when I saw this blogger announce that he was quitting his job. I had a hunch that it had something to do with his blog and something to do with The Blogger Network. Here…

10 awesome bloggers share their income reports

10 Bloggers Who Publish Monthly Income Reports

March 26, 2015 18 4

Here at The Blogger Network, we love the first of the month because it means income reports are coming out! Not only do generous bloggers share what they made but they share their traffic and what they are doing to grow their blogs. There is so much information and value in reading them. They link…

Helpful Blogger Tips for Staying in Google's Good Graces.

Common Google Problem Can Get You Blacklisted! Find Out the Fix Here.

March 2, 2015 1 9

Hello! If you’ve ever had a Google AdSense, Ad Ex, or DFP account then it’s possible you’ve received an email regarding “PII” or “Personally Identifiable Information.” Please note that this notice should not be ignored and it is specific to your Google accounts and your sites and unrelated to The Blogger Network. If you’ve ever received this…

how to increase blog traffic

How Business Success Coach Deborah Tutnauer Increased her Blog Traffic by 300%

February 27, 2015 0 13

This is a guest post by Entrepreneur Business Success Coach Deborah Tutnauer. She recently increased her blog traffic by 300% in just three months! We reached out to her to ask her to share her tips. More than traffic, she increased her other business…read to learn how. Why Traffic is Not Your Most Valuable Blog Focus…

BLogger Centric Valentines

Valentine’s Day Gets a Makover #Bloglove

February 14, 2015 0 29

Here at The Blogger Network you may have noticed that we love blogs. We want to show that love in the work we do and now that it’s Valentine’s Day we wanted to start a new tradition: #bloglove. This is the day to profess your love for a blog. This week, tell them how much…

Mobile Ads for The Blogger Network

Our Mobile Ads Solution is Here! Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic with TBN FLIGHT.

February 6, 2015 0 26

Today we’re announcing TBN FLIGHT which is the next step in our goal to provide Bloggers as many revenue opportunities as possible! FLIGHT is a free tool that indexes and formats your blog for mobile traffic. We built TBN FLIGHT to do 3 things. Enhance your reader’s experience. Increase your mobile income. Make your life easier…

Best Blogs of 2014

65+ Bloggers Share their Top Post of 2014

January 9, 2015 0 24

We asked bloggers in our network to share their top post of 2014 and they responded! If you need blogging inspiration or ideas, take it from the very best. We hope you enjoy the best 2014 had to offer! It’s surprising how often a blogger said that their top recipe of the year was a…

The Truth about Survey Ads and Malware/Spyware on your Blog

December 30, 2014 2 48

At The Blogger Network we care a lot about what type of ads you are seeing on your blog. We don’t employ pop-up ads and routinely block ads that don’t serve our blogs well. If our bloggers see ads they don’t like they can work with their account rep to block that ad. We recently…

List of Top Blogger Conferences for Lifestyle Bloggers.

Top Blog Conferences for Lifestyle Bloggers

December 22, 2014 0 12

Lifestyle Blogger Conferences Conferences are a great resource for every blogger who wants to grow their blog. Conferences give you the opportunity to meet and develop working relationships with other bloggers, and you get the opportunity to meet industry members and learn from the best in the business. Take a look at our extensive list of Lifestyle Blogger…

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