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Announcing our Partnership with Mom It Forward!

December 16, 2014 by in category Blogging, Display Ads, Social Media, Sponsored Posts with 0 and 19
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Announcing Blogger Network and Mom It Forward PartnershipThis morning we’re announcing our strategic partnership with Mom It Forward Media which is the next step in our goal to provide Bloggers as many revenue opportunities as possible! Brands have been asking us for blogger outreach campaigns and now we’ll be able to fully offer them through this amazing partner!

Mom It Forward Media has worked with the world’s biggest brands like T-Mobile, McDonalds, Kraft Foods, etc.. executing sponsored post, social media, and brand ambassador campaigns. Our partnership will allow us to offer bloggers sponsored opportunities as well as the highest quality advertising management on the planet! Through this alliance, we’ll also be able to offer blogger’s a higher yield per campaign as we introduce blended campaigns which will include both sponsored opportunities and direct ad sales. By being able to offer both sponsored campaigns and complimentary advertising on those sites, brands will pay more for this exclusivity which means that we all succeed together!

We’re very excited to start offering these campaigns to our combined networks of bloggers so make sure that you have Joined The Blogger Network and signed up for the Mom It Forward Newsletters to hear about these opportunities!

Happy Blogging!

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