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After using The Blogger Network for only 2 months, I am making 7- 8 times MORE than I was previously on my ad space through Google Adsense and other ad networks. Not only that, but when I have had issues or concerns, The Blogger Network has gone to bat for me to make sure my needs are met as a blogger and ads are appropriate as a family-friendly site.

Malea Johnson

I had no idea there was such a difference between ad networks. I thought they would all give us similar results and it wouldn’t matter which network I signed up with. I was so wrong! The very first day we turned over our ad spots to The Blogger Network, our ad revenue increased by 4X what we had been getting, without any extra work. I love that I can focus on traffic and content, and The Blogger Network can be focused on making us money! Switching to The Blogger Network was the best decision we made.Amy Roskelly
I have really enjoyed working with The Blogger Network! In my first month, my ads are producing double what my previous ads were making. I’ve loved having the dashboard to check my stats daily, and the personal hands on attention I’ve received from the technicians has been amazing!Kristen Duke
With other networks I felt like a cog in their machine, lost in the shuffle.  With the Blogger Network I feel like we are joint partners, working to get the most out of my blog. The fact that they are personable yet professional makes their service outstanding.”Angel Peterson
Wow, in just one month you doubled our revenues!  And I don’t have to spend my time searching for advertisers or entering code on my website.  Your dashboard is fantastic.  All the information I want in one place right at my fingertips.   We love you.Camille Beckstrand

Ad Management

We take a holistic approach to display advertising, and it pays off big for our members! Instead of focusing on high CPMs and only managing your best ads, we focus on filling all your ads at the highest fill rate possible! We do all of the hard work so you don’t have to – everything from implementing the code on your site, to optimizing your blog’s performance. Doing what’s best for your blog is our business!

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Video Ads

Videos are becoming a key part of blogging. We make it easy for blogs to host and monetize videos through TBN completely free of charge! YouTube is a great way  to drive traffic to your site by exposing your content to new viewers. However, it’s ad performance on your site is very poor. We have a solution that will provide much higher CPMs than standard Display Ads!

We have built a custom video player and hosting solution with unlimited video views, unlimited bandwidth, and incredible performance!

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Internet standards are rapidly evolving and it is nearly impossible to keep your site up to date. The #1 topic right now is “mobile”. So we created a platform that provides the best experience possible for your mobile users.

You work hard to create a world-class blog. You want your readers to have the same great experience on mobile as they do on desktop. Protect your brand and your user experience with  FLIGHT, a free mobile template designed with your users and your revenues in mind!

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Here at the Blogger Network, we love what our publishers have to say. We want the world to hear you! We want to give you the resources necessary to further your blogging career. And we want you to have the time and energy to commit to doing what you love! The blogging world is very fast paced. When you feel like you’re continually playing catch up, it can be hard to remember the real reason you started blogging. That’s exactly why we created this extensive library full of every bit of information you need to grow, maintain and succeed in blogging! We’re here to help bloggers become successful, educated powerhouses, and that all starts with having reliable, up-to-date resources.

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Build Your Blog

We love working with fellow bloggers. We love to have successes together and love to find ways to build each other’s influence and skills. In order to fulfill our mission, The Blogger Network created the “Build Your Blog” brand that centers around helping bloggers become better at what they do best…blogging. We have developed the Build Your Blog Academy, and the Build your Blog Conference.

Build Your Blog Conference (BYBC)


TBN hosts an annual conference called the Build Your Blog Conference (BYBC). This conference has been called the “conference with the most education.”  We have all been to conferences where the networking is amazing, but the conference content is…lacking. We pledged to build a conference that still provides the amazing networking opportunities as well as the most real information in it to help blogs grow, no matter their current size.

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Build Your Blog Academy (BYBA)


We gathered some of the most successful bloggers in the nation and asked them what they wished they would have known when they started blogging as well as what they are doing now to be successful. We took this information and created the BYBA. The Academy is an online course including videos, worksheets, documents, books, and other materials that are exclusively available from BYBA – It is the most unique and comprehensive curriculum about blogging that you can find.

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Our Mission

Increase Your Income. Increase Your Influence. Save Your Time.

The Blogger Network was built to support the most influential people on the web. We believe that bloggers can have a bigger influence in society, but have not been able to build their own community to establish a recognizable presence. With The Blogger Network we can leverage the power of many bloggers with similar goals to create a community that enables each blogger to reach their potential and influence family values.

We have done this by creating a platform that provides everything a blog needs to be successful so they can dedicate their time to creating the great quality content that their readers expect. We offer blogs the ability to have their ads professionally managed as well as access to a host of web and social analytics coupled with consulting to help build organic and referral traffic. This saves our blogs time and helps them increase their income.

We know how much time and effort goes into building successful blog content and it’s our goal to give you more time to do just that by taking the guesswork and grunt work out of managing a blog. By allowing The Blogger Network to manage your advertising efforts, we can help you optimize your earnings and save you precious time so you can focus on the content that your readers love. We can also help you increase the traffic to your site to help grow your influence and, in turn, your earnings as well.

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First Quarter: Light at the End of the Tunnel!

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If you're CPM"s are down in the first quarter.

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How Apple’s Ad Blocker Controversy Affects Bloggers

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How Apple's Ad Blocker Controversy Affects Bloggers

On September 16, 2015, Apple released mobile iOS 9 and on September 30th Apple will release the desktop OS X El Capitan. As part of these releases, Safari will...

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Winners Announced for Blogopedia Blog Conference Giveaway!

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As part of the launch of Blogopedia, The Blogger Network gave away over 30 tickets to some of the best blog conferences in the world. We're now announcing the winners. ...

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Podcasts bloggers should listen to

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Propel success story

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