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After using The Blogger Network for only 2 months, I am making 7- 8 times MORE than I was previously on my ad space through Google Adsense and other ad networks. Not only that, but when I have had issues or concerns, The Blogger Network has gone to bat for me to make sure my needs are met as a blogger and ads are appropriate as a family-friendly site.

Malea Johnson

I’m glad I gave The Blogger Network a shot.  Being able to crank out an additional $75 to $100 per day in incremental revenue is fantastic. I strongly recommend any website that monetizes with ads to give this ad network a shot.Jon Dykstra
I had no idea there was such a difference between ad networks. I thought they would all give us similar results and it wouldn’t matter which network I signed up with. I was so wrong! The very first day we turned over our ad spots to The Blogger Network, our ad revenue increased by 4X what we had been getting, without any extra work. I love that I can focus on traffic and content, and The Blogger Network can be focused on making us money! Switching to The Blogger Network was the best decision we made.Amy Roskelly
I have really enjoyed working with The Blogger Network! In my first month, my ads are producing double what my previous ads were making. I’ve loved having the dashboard to check my stats daily, and the personal hands on attention I’ve received from the technicians has been amazing!Kristen Duke
With other networks I felt like a cog in their machine, lost in the shuffle.  With the Blogger Network I feel like we are joint partners, working to get the most out of my blog. The fact that they are personable yet professional makes their service outstanding.”Angel Peterson
Wow, in just one month you doubled our revenues!  And I don’t have to spend my time searching for advertisers or entering code on my website.  Your dashboard is fantastic.  All the information I want in one place right at my fingertips.   We love you.Camille Beckstrand

Your Trusted Revenue Partner

You are crazy busy – We get that! And guess what? We’ve been there. Which is why we set out to become the premiere revenue partner for bloggers, publishers, and website owners. We take care of all the hard stuff so you can focus on your content, all while reducing your workload and ultimately saving you a ton of time.  

Monetizing your content can be confusing and complex. With us, you get hands-on support whenever you need it from our dedicated teams. We manage 100% of your digital advertising, and give you freedom to choose the setup that works for you.

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Mobile Ads the Right Way

We know you work super hard to create an awesome site. Don’t you want your readers to have the same great experience on mobile as they do on desktop? Protect your brand and your user experience with FLIGHT, our free mobile ad tool designed with your users and your revenues in mind! Pretty sweet, right?

More revenue, better experience, and no hassle. Boom. That’s FLIGHT.

Let's Fly!

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Is your site optimized for revenue? Because the online advertising world is growing by leaps and bounds, it’s more important than ever that you are taking advantage of new ad technologies and ad types. Start the audit process to learn how you can optimize your site revenue.

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Here at the Blogger Network, we love what our publishers have to say. We want the world to hear you! We want to give you the resources necessary to further your blogging career. And we want you to have the time and energy to commit to doing what you love! The blogging world is very fast paced. When you feel like you’re continually playing catch up, it can be hard to remember the real reason you started blogging. That’s exactly why we created this extensive library full of every bit of information you need to grow, maintain and succeed in blogging! We’re here to help bloggers become successful, educated powerhouses, and that all starts with having reliable, up-to-date resources.

Start Learning...

Build Your Blog

Build Your Blog (BYB), is our commitment to helping content creators increase their influence. We’ve been working with website owners for nearly 5 years, which has taught us what it takes to operate a successful website. We know you can achieve the best results by:

  • Working with fellow content creators
  • Building systems to grow each other’s influence and skills
  • Receiving top-notch education from Industry Leaders.

Build Your Blog Conference (BYBC)

We host an annual conference called the Build Your Blog Conference (BYBC). This conference has been called the “most educational conference,” or, in other words, “the best, funnest, most wonderful conference of all time in the history of ever.”  We have all been to conferences where the networking is amazing, but the conference content is lacking and doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled. You won’t find that at BYBC!

We pledged to build a conference that still provides amazing networking opportunities as well as the most real, up-to-date information to help site’s grow, no matter their current size. Plus, there’s always a party. And food. And giveaways. A few things you’re sure to enjoy!

Meet Us There!

Build Your Blog Academy (BYBA)


We gathered some of the most successful bloggers in the nation and asked them what they wished they would have known when they started blogging as well as what they are doing now to be successful. We compiled their feedback, combined it with our expertise, and created the magnificent BYBA.

The Academy includes unique online courses with videos, worksheets, documents, books, and other materials that are exclusively available to you, our partners!

Let's Grow!

We’re Different

First and foremost, we are a publisher network. We represent our bloggers, not our advertisers!

We know how much time and effort goes into building successful content and it’s our goal to give you more precious time to do just that.

We help high quality publishers with similar goals to reach their revenue goals so they can dedicate their time to creating awesome content that their readers love. Our Build Your Blog programs are there to increase your traffic, your influence which increases your earnings!

We are here to help you succeed and reach your goals as a website owner!

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