I have really enjoyed working with The Blogger Network! In my first month, my ads are producing double what my previous ads were making. I’ve loved having the dashboard to check my stats daily, and the personal hands on attention I’ve received from the technicians has been amazing! Kristen, Kristen Duke Photography
Terrific! Awesome customer service. Thank you! Meri, Meri Cherry
With other networks I felt like a cog in their machine, lost in the shuffle. With the Blogger Network I feel like we are joint partners, working to get the most out of my blog. The fact that they are personable yet professional makes their service outstanding.” Angel, Fleece Fun
Thanks SO much again for your help. You guys are just the best. Claire, A Little Clairefication
Wow, in just one month you double our revenues! And I don’t have to spend my time searching for advertisers or entering code on my website. Your dashboard is fantastic. All the information I want in one place right at my fingertips. We love you. Camille, Six Sister's Stuff
I had no idea there was such a difference between ad networks. I thought they would all give us similar results and it wouldn’t matter which network I signed up with. I was so wrong! The very first day we turned over our ad spots to The Blogger Network, our ad revenue increased by 4 X what we had been getting, without any extra work. I love that I can focus on traffic and content, and The Blogger Network can be focused on making us money! Switching to The Blogger Network was the best decision we made. Amy, Super Healthy Kids

Professional Ad Management

Professionally managed ad strategy and placement including direct ad sales, sponsored ads, video ads and higher eCPMs.

Building Influence and Traffic

Grow your following by distributing your valuable content using a strategic plan, rather than a “post and hope” method.

Social Media Tools

Coming Soon: Spring ‘14. Scheduling and reporting tools for all the major social networks. See how your social networking efforts can turn into more income.

Tips for Getting your Blog Ready for the Holidays

Get your blog ready for the holidays. We’re going into the holiday season and for bloggers that means opportunity. The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year because it’s when you get the most traffic, it’s when ad providers spend the majority of their budgets for the best ads. It really is the most ...


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